“Every time I go home for the holidays I feel like I’ve shrunk to the size I was when I was four. It’s like my adult energy drains away and I can’t even say what I think.”

“When I look around at other people I notice that they are having a good time. I’m doing the same thing they are but I don’t feel anything at all.”

“Before I had my son I thought I would be a good parent. I certainly was not going to do it like my parents did! But now I don’t know how to relate to my son and I’m acting more and more like my dad. I hate that!”

“I’m having trouble sleeping at night and I have trouble staying awake during the day. I feel so anxious.”

“I tried to get on with life after it happened. And for a while it seemed to work. But I still avoid thinking about or talking about what happened.  And I go off more quickly than I used to. I know that makes it hard for those who live with me.”

“When I was young I thought I’d marry this guy and we’d have a normal happy life. Now three relationships have failed and I’m starting to wonder if it’s me.”

I can work with you to realize confidence, self-control, and clarity about your life’s course. I can help you find freedom from anxiety and shame. I can work with you to recover from relational wounds and tragedies that make life hard.