Sexual Abuse

My approach for helping individuals heal, whether as adults or children, begins by ensuring safety.

Sexual abuse and assault is a misuse of power. Sometimes the power used is physical such as in a violent rape. More often it is a misuse of moral power such as when parents abuse their children, clergy abuse members of their congregation, teachers abuse their students, or other professionals abuse their clients or patients.  Sexual abuse and assault is a betrayal of trust and violates a person’s mind, body and spirit. It often leads to losses that extend far beyond the place and time of the injury itself.

Since sexual abuse and assault is traumatizing, my approach for helping individuals heal begins by ensuring safety. Sometimes establishing safety is a major part of our work together. As a sense of safety is developing I will also work with you or your child to develop tools to more easily cope with circumstances that feel overwhelming. Only after a basic level of safety and skills to maintain a satisfactory level of calm are in place, will we begin to work with the actual abuse itself. If you are an adult I will move at your pace. I will honor your choices. Throughout this process you have the right to decide.