If you have experienced trauma it has likely come in one of two forms.

Acute or one-time trauma such as a house fire, rape, or car accident lasts for a limited amount of time. One-time traumatic events can significantly impact the quality of life for those who experience them.

Complex trauma is just as significant. Complex trauma is usually on-going and is not limited to one incident like a car accident. A child may have been neglected on an on-going basis, physically beaten, and removed from his home to be placed with strangers.  An adult may have experienced ongoing domestic violence, verbal abuse, and pressure to stay with her abuser from her family. These are examples of trauma that is more complex and often more life altering.

In the aftermath of either type of trauma you may find that it is hard to remain calm, that it feels like the same thing is happening again, or that you attempt to avoid circumstances, people, or places that remind you of what happened.

If you have experienced trauma you may know that the reason you are hesitant to address what has happened to you is that it feels overwhelming. In our work together, we will first put in place resources that help you feel safe and in control. Once safety and control is assured we will work with the thoughts, feelings, and physical sensations that accompany your memories.  Through this work you will sense a transition from being controlled by what has happened to regaining control.

I have been trained in sensorimotor therapy for the treatment of trauma.  See my referral here.